Watch Your Step! Top 5 Steel Toe Safety Shoes For Work

Previously, we looked at some options for non-slip shoes and, while that covered the shoe most often needed for food prep jobs, we know that many warehouse and general labor jobs can also require a pair of steel toe safety shoes. And, if you want to pick up more warehouse or general labor jobs, take a few minutes to look at this comparison of various steel toe shoes and boots for men and women so you can step into more work.

What is a Steel Toe Safety Shoe?

A steel toe safety shoe is a shoe or boot to be worn in an environment such as a warehouse or loading facility, where one’s foot might be exposed to falling objects or be compressed under a heavy item, such as a crate or pallet. As the name implies, the steel toe offers protective reinforcement of the shoe’s toe box while also combining with a mid sole plate to protect the underside of the foot. While traditionally associated with heavy, rugged military boots, today’s steel toe safety shoe comes in many styles and colors. In addition to steel toes, one can also opt for safety shoes with protective reinforcement made from aluminum, carbon fiber, or fiberglass.

What’s The Best Steel Toe Shoe For You?

As everyone has different needs, different budgets and different feet, there’s no one right answer to this question. Instead ask yourself, why do you want a steel toe or comparable safety shoe? Are most of the Wonolo jobs you accept warehouse, loading, or shipping positions? If so, then you might want to invest in a better quality, but higher priced safety shoe that’s made to withstand hard use while offering comfort and stability. If you just need a pair of safety shoes to accept that weeklong warehouse gig to pick up some extra money until the next event staffing job comes along, then you might want to spend a little less and get a shoe that’s light and breathable that you can wear anywhere.

Finally, note that this list contains safety shoes for men and women at a variety of styles and price points and, in spite of the title of this article, some of the shoes listed here may actually have an aluminum, carbon fiber or fiberglass toe. Some may be available at local retailers and others are a better buy online. Finally, since you’ll be on your feet a lot in a pair of safety shoes, remember to ensure you’re getting the right fit, that they’re properly broken in and, if you’re ordering online, that you allow time for them to ship before the job.






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